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Invasion: Taris

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Attention Invicta, This is the White Lady
It has been many months since our glorious victory on Balmorra. We saw heavy fighting, suffered many losses, but the Balmorran terrorists and the might of the Republic army and their Jedi puppet masters were unable to overcome the will and skill of you, the victorious warriors of Invicta.
We’ve spent the past many months, rebuilding, re-organizing, and training for our next conquest. That time has come.
Imperial High Command and the Dark Council have deemed it wise for our new war machine to be tested. As such, we have been assigned the target of Taris. The Republic is attempting yet another colonization of the planet. Along with camps of terrorists and pirates, we will be eliminating all undesirables and ensuring the planet stays as it is…a symbol of Sith might.
The Operation will begin on Friday, May 1st at 8PM CST (time will be flexible)
The ISS Invicta will enter Taris Orbit with the fleet and begin securing the orbit for ground landing operations. We will then proceed sector by sector until the planet is fully secure.
All mercenary contracts will be enforced. Standard wage bonuses will be honoured.
For the glory of the Empire.
For the glory of Invicta.
May the Force be with us.
Darth Belatrix

((The Battle of Balmorra was a great success. After many requests, we will begin the long awaited sequel. The Taris invasion will be much shorter, 4 or 5 events total. The main goal of this is to have fun, obviously. The secondary goal is to get people used to our RP combat system. I’ll try to run one event per week, but we might have to skip a week on occasion. While this event is active, all Invicta RP will be done either on Taris or aboard the guild ship.))
((Prepare to use a lot of alts. This event WILL see characters taken out of gameplay. We will have an attrition element worked into the events. I hope everyone has a good time, and please feel free to offer feedback and constructive criticism. If you have any specific requests for your characters, please let me know, and I’ll try to work it in.))

Friday, May 1, 2015 - 9:00pm
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The Old Republic


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I was supposed to to do some tabletop tonight but the DM isa stuck at work so I'll be there.

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