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Operation: Sawtooth

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Tuesday 21 June. 7 CST/8 EST

Operation Sawtooth
Operation Sawtooth will launch from the ISS Invicta. Now that we have analysed and reverse engineered these Zakuul espoinage implants, our job will be to trace the destination of their intel. We will take dropships to the Hutt controlled world of Quesh. We will provide security to our tech team as they trace the transmission signal to the communication relay. Once we secure the relay, we will be able to determine the destination of the signal, which will lead us to the source of all our troubles.

We are getting close to putting a stop to this treachery once and for all.

For the Empire!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 8:00pm
Groups audience: 
The Old Republic


Awwww damn. I'm at work or I'd have Luth show up. On the plus side I do have Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday night available this week to play and do whatever

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