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Operation Trident

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Operation Trident will be a multi-unit search and capture effort with our allies of the Shooting Star Casino, focused on seeking out and capturing persons of power and influence throught the galaxy. Persons found will be isolated and captured. The goal is to detain the individuals for testing and possable repair of the damage. Forces will rally on the ISS Invicta Briefing Room, Thursday 19 May, at 9CST. Marching orders and team assignments will be given at that time.

Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 10:00pm
Groups audience: 
The Old Republic


Awesome. I shall be there

Awesome. I shall be there

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I should be there but I might be drunk.(er than usual). There is a happy hour at work and I should be there since its celebrating my work (as well as many others) on a huge project that brought great results.

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Sorry Trix. Can't make it. Gotta work in the AM and this starts at 3am my time. :(

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