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Operation White Noise

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Sunday, 24 April, as 9PM CST

The Shooting Star Casino has taken survalence footage of a hanger on Nar Shadda, being used by the Zakuul to conduct unkown operations. Sunday, with assistance from our allies inthe Shooting Star Casino, we will assault the hanger, destroy the defenders, and sieze all information and materials which we deem nessecary for the security of the Resistance. This is a general call to arms for all warriors of the Imperial Resisitance.

OOC: We'll be hitting this area along with our friends in the Shooting Star Casino guild. The area we'll be using is the Nar Shadda heroic zone for the mission "Pound of Flesh". If you want to check the area out ahead of time, you can run the heroic from and heroic terminal. I'm estimating a two hour mission, as we'll use a far simpler version of our rolling system.

Sunday, April 24, 2016 - 10:00pm
Groups audience: 
The Old Republic


Awwwwww. I won't be able to make it unless my shift changes by then. I'll be working third shift that night

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