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Kebo: Battle for Balmorra

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The sky had visibly darkened as the imperial armada moved in and began their orbital assault on the planet. A green hue casts over the land and the horrifying sound of the dreadnaughts cannons filled the air. The cannons stopped and squadrons of bombers shrieked through the sky dropping more pin-pointed attacks on anti-infantry emplacements making way for the wave of troops waiting to storm the gates and take the factories.

Belatrix spoke inspirational and motivating words of praise for her team, talking of pride and addressing the previous battles and how victory was close at hand. Kebo looked around at the troops and nodded impressed; she definitely had them all riled up and ready to lay their lives on the line for their White Lady.

The call finally came for the troops to charge they climbed out of their entrenchments and took to the field. The thunderous roar of thousands of heavy clad boots and blaster fire became deafening and Kebo had to fight to hear the commands coming in from the command team. It took the better part of two hours to reach the factory and despite the imperial air support, the ground troops had to fight for every inch they took.

The inside of the arms factory was perhaps worse, the enemy was well dug in and along with the factory’s internal security features was the risk of setting off the many armaments that were stacked around. Again Belatrix’s forces were able to prevail and push through the first section of the factory and into the courtyard. Kebo paused and looked across the courtyard towards where they were being ordered to attack and seize. It was about 500 meters of open space constantly being peppered by enemy fire, as well as the sky raining down debris as many republic escape crafts were being shot down as they tried to leave.

About half way across the field Kebo felt the stinging pain as a long piece of shrapnel from one of the craft struck him in the back of the shoulder, piercing his armor and tasting flesh. He could taste copper in his mouth, but he pushed forward, there was no turning back at this point and staying in the field would mean certain death.

They made their way through the final building, still having to push hard and fight for their gains. A large gas canister exploded near the group taking out several troops and knocking Kebo to the ground. When the buzzing in his head stopped and his vision returned the pain set in. A large section of his armor from the shoulder down to his wrist was missing, shattered or melted into his flesh. His arm felt like a thousand lava beetles were burrowing their way out of his flesh. Still he pushed on and into the final room.

Before them a single figure stood at the far end of the room, a Jeti Kebo concluded from the outfit, and the flaring of the man’s saber and boisterous words he spoke gave Kebo little doubt he was right. The battle was again hard pressed, the Jeti using shock waves of the force to constantly knock the team off their feet. Kebo was finally able to line up and get a shot off, his arm barely responding to his mental commands, he wasn’t even sure if he’d pulled the trigger or not. It didn’t matter, the Jeti wasn’t hit and before Kebo knew what was happening the force user was in front of him, grinning and retracting his green blade from Kebo’s chest. The mandalorian fell to his knees, smoke puffing out of the hole in his chest from both the front and the back. Then everything went black.

His eyes flickered open and closed a few times, but time seemed to have no relevance in this state. At one point he could have sworn the room was spinning above him, clouds of ghosts and daemons swarming around everywhere. He opened his eyes again, his helm was off and Jubul and Telessa were there, they were saying something but he couldn’t make out the words. Then he was moving, being carried he figured... or perhaps he was dead... His body lurked and pain ripped through his arm as they moved him into an E-Vac shuttle.... he knew he was alive... though he wondered if death would be more welcome.

His mind instantly flipped to Tara, the beloved Chiss he had so recently come to know and learned to love. He fought back the urge to close his eyes and sleep; he couldn’t leave her. Doors burst open as the stretcher pushed into them and he was rolled into a small draped area. Medical staff buzzed around him doing various things and talking without sound. He looked around and finally caught a flash of Azure; but it wasn’t Tara it was Telessa. She was talking to someone who quickly headed away. The room was cold, the pain was subsiding.

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[Tara]: Tara was typing on her datapad, sending a script for a young mother for some antibiotics for her baby when the soldier rushed toward her. He said Telessa has sent for her because Kebo... and that was all the trooper had to say before she dropped the datapad on the floor and ran to the emergency wing of the med center. Her stomach was rolling, but she clamped down on the fear and nausea as best she could.

Turning the corner in a hard skid of her boots, she pulled the curtain so hard she almost tore it off. She put her best calm face on for him and approached the bed. She smiled when she saw him. "Hey there handsome." Her voice was thick with emotion, and she ran her fingers through his hair. She looked at his attending physician. "Prognosis?"

[Kebo]: The remainder of his armor had been removed and cast off to the side of the room by the time Tara reached the room. The man on the gurney before her was wearing just a pair of black boxers and various monitoring devices had been hooked up to him. Fluids had been hung and electrodes were attached to his chest; the corresponding monitor tracking two wave lengths. The one showed a rapid sinus rhythm, the other was completely flat.

His chest wound was about two inches in diameter was black and mostly cauterized at the edges and throughout wherever the sabre had cut through flesh or organ. Staff worked on his arm, dousing the 2nd and 3rd degree burns in saline and working to remove the pieces of shrapnel and melted beskar.

Kebo was thrashing and yelling at them, trying to get off the table, his words Tara recognized were a mix of his two native tongues though she was unable to pick up many of the words, other than hearing her full Chiss name in the rambling more than once. He settled greatly when she appeared by his side and his eyes softened as he looked up into hers. She was touching him, and speaking... though he could not hear her.

The attending doctor moved to Tara’s side, placing his arm on her shoulder and directing her slightly away from the head of the bed, Kebo instantly started trying to crane his neck to get to her and began fighting against the nurses that were keeping him still. “He’s suffered complete cardiac failure of his right heart and we won’t know what other internal damage is there till we get a closer look. And the arm, we’re not sure if we can save it, or if we do how much motion he’ll have left in it. He’s lost a lot of blood, shouldn’t be still awake. We need to sedate him and get him into the ER stat.”

[Tara]: She moves up to him again and, while they inject a sedative into one of his IV lines, she kisses him softly, first on his lips then all over his face where there wasn't an injury. She whispered to him over and over "Darasuum, darasuum..." to make sure he knew she loved him before he fell asleep. He fought against it, and she nodded for them to do a second injection, this one after a minute, put him to sleep. A tear slipped down her cheek, and she took a great, heaving breath before speaking.

Turning to the doctor. "Heart first. Take him into surgery and remove the non-functioning heart and replace it with an artificial one." She holds up a hand to stop the doctor from speaking. "Yes, I understand that he'll only tear through that one in a month. But it gives us time to find the perfect donor." She looks at Telessa again. "We will begin that search immediately. Once you've attached the artificial heart and reattached the vessels, comm me. I'll be removing the arm and attaching a cybernetic arm. He can't lose full range of motion, and I won't let him." She starts to walk away.

The doctor follows. "Who are you to make medical decisions for him? Are you next of kin?" Her answer is simple and to the point, and after she says it, she looks at Telessa to see if she'll contradict her. "I'm his wife."

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