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Kebo: Early Morning Activity

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He’d found it extremely difficult to sleep last evening, the bed felt much larger and emptier than he remembered it. Her alluring scent was also almost faded from the pillow she’d slept on, the pillow he’d switched to so that he could feel like she was still there when he closed his eyes. Sleep had finally come for him in early hours of the morning so when his alarm had sounded he was less than fully rested. The coffee he was drinking helped, and so had the exhilaration of taking care of his early morning business. Kebo was up early and with purpose, he had a couple more stops to make before wrapping things up and getting ready for his date with Tara. He wasn’t even sure if it qualified as a date or not since he’d originally asked her out for lunch and it had pleasantly changed to spending the day with each other. Either way he wasn’t going to complain, she wanted to see him and he couldn’t wait to see her.

Sobrik was surprisingly quiet this time of the morning, the guns hadn’t started firing yet and the city was yet to come to life. A few shop owners were busy receiving their morning deliveries, but for the most part he had the streets to himself. He came to the corner he was looking for and turned down the alleyway until he came to the faded green door. The alley was still mostly dark, the sun’s rays not reaching it yet over the buildings’ imposing shadows. There was a streetlight, but it had long since stopped working and let’s face it, the city maintenance crews had much bigger issues to worry about than some back street alley. Kebo checked the time on hud of his helm and noted he was still a bit early so he leaned against the brick wall next to the door. A couple of men came out of a doorway down the alley and began heading his way, Kebo could tell they were sizing him up and he patted the hilt of his pistol with his open hand, an invitation of sorts. The men got close enough to make out the armor and the tell tale T visor and stopped then turned down another route and disappeared.

The door handle next to him jiggled as someone on the other side worked the lock, a moment later the door opened and a large man in his sixties, mostly bald with greying hair peeked out into the alley. The man paused in alarm seeing Kebo looking back at him from right beside the door and he brought his hand to his chest to steady his heart. “You him?” he said through a shaky voice.

“Ya I’m me. Did you get what I asked for?” Kebo kept his back to the wall, his head turned towards the man in the doorway for the most part, occasionally glancing to the other side checking the alley for activity.

“Yes yes, it’s all here, top quality I assure you.” The man in the doorway hesitated a moment. “Did you bring the credits?”

Kebo handed the man an envelope which the man took, turned upright and dumped into his hand. Three items slide out; a data spike, a pass card, and a credit chip. “Everything you need is there plus a bonus for getting things so quickly. Detailed instructions on how I want the job done are on the data spike. The pass card will get you through security.” The other man looked at the objects and then back to Kebo and nodded before closing the door and locking it behind him. His business here finished, Kebo turned and headed back out of the alley.

He stopped at a few more locations taking care of a couple more of the things he needed to do before heading towards one of the cities many parks. The sun was breaking over the tops of the buildings now and he imagined at one point in time this park would have been full of children and families taking advantage of the beautiful day. Now there was little left of the park other than a couple craters from explosions and twisted play equipment and it was devoid of life other than a single figure huddled near the dead husk of a once mighty tree. He approached the figure and the man held up a light green hand “That’s close enough, what’s this all about?”

“I need information Gill, you’re going to get it for me.” Kebo ignored the man’s hand and approached him anyway.

“Information costs Zur, these days it costs alot.” The man chuckled and folded his arms across his chest. “Why don’t you ask your new Sith master for the favor, I’m sure she’s all about helping out her pets.”

“I’m nobody’s pet Gill, and this is personal...” he glared at the Twilek from beneath his helm. “Someone’s been stupid enough to take a hit out on a family member... I want to know who and why.”

Gill chuckled even louder. “I don’t think you’ve got near enough credits to buy that type of information Kebo. Anyone willing to do that is either stupid and dead or well connected and untouchable.”

“Name your price Gill, what’s it gonna cost me?” it was Kebo’s turn to cross his arms over his chest; he was already tired of Gill’s games and wanted him to get to the point.

“Access to your Sith’s Mainframe I think” Gill brought his hand to his chin and stroked it gently.

“Gill... You know I can’t do that, even if I had access to it.” Kebo was getting impatient. “Can you help me or not Gill?”

“I tell you what Kebo my boy.” He placed an arm around Kebo’s shoulders “I’ll look into this for free... call it my own curiosity. But depending on what I find will depend on my price... and you’ll have to dig deep for this one.”

“Just find out what you can Gill... we’ll discuss payment if you’re able to be useful.” Kebo took a data spike from one of his pouches and handed it to Gill. “Here’s the target’s information and my contact info. Don’t keep me waiting Gill.”

Gill took the spike and turned walking from the park laughing to himself “We’re all waiting for something Kebo, and someday time catches up to us. Hope you’re ready, something tells me your time is coming soon.”

Kebo frowned and narrowed his eyes at the twilek as he walked away. He’d always hated dealing with Gill but the man had mad skills when it came to finding things out that people didn’t want found. He knew others were already working on this case but he figured using a few of his own contacts couldn’t hurt... besides this was family, and no one messes with a mandalorian.
He checked the time, it was approaching eight; time to get ready and then pay the doctor a visit.

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