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Telessa eyes opened to the darkened room, the crimson orbs searched the darkness for what had woke her. At the moment all she could hear was inhalations and exhalation of Jubul who slept at her side. After laying in the darkness for a few moments she reached down her hand gently lifting and removing his arm from where it sat, inches under the well bandaged of wound that was still in healing. Even in his sleep, aware of her hurt and careful to not to touch them. Her lips turn up as she slides out of bed gently as possible to not wake him.
She left the darken room, her bare feet silent on the floor as she descended to the main part of the ship. As she stepped off the last step, she heard the soft buzz-beep of the comm terminal on the starship's controls. Her lips pressed in a frown in confusion, as her steps hurried forward. She was unsure why someone would try to contact her through the ship and not her personal comm.

From the moment she entered the cockpit, she could tell by the blinking light that she had missed two other attempts of communication. Her stomach dropped and a chill of trepidation ran up her spine. Quickly she hit the comm button at the 5th Buzz-beep, "Hello"

"Ba'vodu! " a choked up obviously upset child voice came over the room speaker.

The feeling of trepidation turn into dread in an instance.. "Leyna, is everything ok? Where is your Buir?"

There was a sniffle and what felt like an impossibly long pause before she answered. "Buir is with Than'ryn sleeping. " Another sniffle, and an audible gasp of air. "Ba'vodu, when are you coming home again. I miss you.. " the child voice quivered with emotion.

Telessa's emotions shifted from dread to a small ache, her voice softens as she speaks to the girl. "I miss you to Ley'ika, when I can visit. I promise I will. " she moves to one of the chairs at the ship console and sits. She couldn't ignore the fear she heard in the usually confident strong child, nor could she ignore the feeling of helplessness at the moment. "Are you ok Ley'ika? What happened?"

What ever mild attempt of control Leyna had managed up to this point, fell to a flood of tears and cries at that question. The words she spoke jumbled together incoherently between the small sobs and gasps for breath and hiccups as she explained the dream. "You were taken away Ba'vodu, the evil in the sky took you away, and we couldn't stop it.. You were gone.. I thought you were gone. "Her small voice trembled as the sobbing subsided once more, "I thought you were already gone Ba'vodu, I don't want you gone."

Telessa leaned forward in the chair, moving closer to the open speaker as Leyna broke down again. The blue skin of her hand paled to almost white as she gripped the edge, and her jaw clenched hearing the fear and panic in Leyna's voice. Once again she felt helpless and wondered if she should call Meylinn to wake her so Leyna wasn't alone. Leyna's last words made Telessa's throat constrict for a moment with her own emotions."Shh.. shhh.. " she said softly into the comm in a comforting manner, her voice softened again, a tone that the child was familiar with. "I am ok Ley'ika, I am not gone and no evil from the sky took me. I'm on the Valisara right now. It's ok ad'ika, I'm safe, it was just a dream." there was a sniffle in response.

"When you come here can I sleep in Valisara with you? " she asked meekly.

"Yes, I think I would enjoy that but we should ask your buir first. " Telessa said softly.

"Than'ryn has been sick, Buir been so tired I didn't want to wake her. " There was a small pause and a sniffle, the child's breath evening out. "I took the old communicator." the last part muffled as she obviously was wiping her face. "I miss you Tela."
A smile touched her lips, and she felt a warmth fill her. "I miss you to Ley'ika. I will come visit as soon as i am free to. " Her voice still soft, "I will bring more items for you to fix as well. How do you like that idea?"

"Really? " for the first time, there was no fear in her voice. "Thank you Tel-llaaa" Tele's name exaggerated by a yawn.

"Really ad'ika. Do you feel better? " Tele asked softly.


"Are you tired?"
"I don't know.. " her voice evidently sounding tired.

"Well if you have the communicator, take it to the bed I can talk with you a bit more. "

"Will you sing me the song?" Leyna asked softly, her voice hopeful.

Telessa chuckles softly, her voice filled with warmth. She knew the song Leyna spoke of, it was a song she had remembered from Csilla. One of the few things she remembered from her mother, it was the song she sang to her. At that thought her hand raised to the necklace around her neck for a moment. "Of course Ley'ika, climb in bed cover up and I will sing to you. Close your eyes and pretend I am there singing to you like I always do."

"Mmmm Ok. " Leyna mumbled softly, and silence spread between the connection as the child moved to her bed. "Ok .."there was a slight muffling of words before they cleared. "In bed ba'vodu." another yawn sounded softly.

Telessa smiled softly once more, her body relaxing back into the chair. She pulls up her non wounded leg and wraps her arm around it. "All covered up warm and comfortable?"


"Ready for me to sing?"


"Hmm I can't remember how the music goes..Can you hum it?"

There was a giggle that came through the comm unit, "You always say that." then softly, the child began to hum the tune that has been sung to her since she was a baby.

A wide smile touched Tele's lips and she gives out a soft giggle. She lets Leyna hum the tune for a few moments before she hummed as well, then she began to sing the song. She wasn't by far a great singer, but her voice flowed gently over the words, making the sometime harsh sounding Cheunh words sound poetic.She noted that about half the way through, Leyna's humming had stopped. Tele could almost see Leyna eyes grew heavy by the blink, like she watched so many times. By the end of the song there was no noise on the other end beside soft, barely audible, sounding of Leyna's breath.

Tele listened to that silence for several long moments, a sad smile touched her lips.She adored the children, everyone knew that. Very few knew her desire to have one of her own. Leaning forward she finally cut the transmission between them. She sat back in her chair once again, her eyes looking out the front view port, at the Balamorra hanger bay she was parked in.

((Ba'vadu= Aunt or Uncle , Buir= Parents))

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As the environment around Jubul changed suddenly, his consciousness slowly began to melt away. Somewhere in the back of his mind it registered that Telessa was no longer resting next to him and he snapped wide awake. Silently he surveyed the room remembering that they were still safely inside of her ship. He blinked still remaining motionless as he saw Telessa, nothing more than a shadow, the edges of her form highlighted by low blinking lights as she slipped out of the room. She often got up as he noticed that she required much less sleep than he. Yet every morning she was there next to him as he awoke. Often looking at him as if waiting patiently for him to shake off his slumber. This wasn’t her normal middle of the night wandering. She was moving with a purpose, her posture was stiff, and he could almost feel how tense she was. After she disappeared out of the room and moved toward the cockpit, he quietly followed behind. Peering out the hatch he saw the comm light blinking and Telessa moving towards it. Without hesistation she hit the comm button.

She must have sensed something was wrong. Coming at this time of night it must be something urgent. He didn’t want to intrude on the call exactly, but he wanted to listen to Telessa and see how she reacted. She often wouldn’t tell him when something was bothering her. He had to put himself in Telessa’s shoes and figure it out for himself. He was surprisingly accurate most times and he even enjoyed it, almost as if playing a game.

The sound coming from the comm was muffled and Mandalorian. He didn’t have to understand the words. The voice on the other end of the comm was young an excited… worried. He was tense at that moment, sensing something was dreadfully wrong. He began mentally locating where his kit was, so he could throw it together quickly for their departure. He always kept his bags ready, so it would only take mere moments and they could be out of orbit and gone. He began to move back so he could switch on the light and start preparing

As his hand touched the illumination controls he heard Telessa’s voice. It was soft and soothing. She was still speaking in Mandalorina, but was in a tone of reassurance and warmth. He had learned to read a lot from a person based upon their voice. A gift he had learned while interrogating sources of information. Her voice was caring, kind, and had a deep sense of longing. “Leyna” she had said. She spoke often of her. Adored her. He didn’t have to know these things to read it in her voice. She missed that little girl dearly.

It wasn’t an emergency. It was probably just a nightmare it seemed and she was reaching out to her Ba’vodu. He listened to them talk as the words became less emotional and more jovial. The crisis it seems was overted. He remained, however, listening to them talk even though he only understood every other word they spoke. Suddenly he realized his lips were stretched into a smile. Shaking himself out of it he began moving to slip into bed.

He stopped cold as he heard the voice giggle over the comm and begin to hum. He then continued and then once again froze in place as he heard another child like giggle followed by humming. He was taken aback as he realized that it had been Telessa. He crept back to the hatch and carefully peered inside to see her sitting by the comm rocking as if with a child and singing. He couldn’t see her face, but he could hear the smile on her lips. He was still gathering data as if he was scouting an enemy patrol. The song was over… the other end of the comm was silent… she switched it off remaining in the char. She was silent, eyes fixed toward the hanger. Nothing much was visible out there, but he knew it wasn’t the view she was concentrating one. Silently he crept back and slid into the bed.

He lay there unable to sleep. Telessa had a shell around her heart. It was even harder then the beskar’gam she wore on the outside. Very few people were lucky enough to be allowed glimpses of what lay buried there inside of her. A heart that, to some, seemed hardened and battle scarred. Inside the scar tissue, built up of years of fighting and loss, there was fertile field, a paradise of kindness, loyalty, and caring as he had never seen before. She let him in to see glimpses of it, to sate his thirst on its pure waters, but even he didn’t have fee reign there. Leyna… and to some extent the other children in the clan… but mostly Leyna, however, found a way to get through that shell, to penetrate straight into her soul. To melt her heart and bring her joy. She smiled freely, giggled, laughed, and allowed herself to love freely without worry about coming to harm. It was then he realized what she was lost in thought about as she sat in the chair alone in the dark. He looked at her as if he could see through the bulk head to study her. She wanted a child. She wanted one dearly.

He began feeling an emotion that seemed foreign to him. One he hadn’t felt in any measure for quite some time. He realized…. He was terrified….

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