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Norran Chronicles: One

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Truths and Realities

Rhako made is way back to his Fury, he had no crew beyond his droids. Once the hatch was sealed he was alone. What was once the cargo bay was now his sanctum. Machines like few things the Empire or the Republic would be familiar, a piece of the legacy of his people, and part of the reason he had cheated death so many times.

He removed his armor and laying it out on the table for his armory droid to tend to, he took a moment to examine his own for in a mirror. Slowly he removed the bandages applied some moments before by the Invicta medical staff. Scared by his trials he still did not look even close to his 66 years. Partly due to his heritage, partly because he was not entirely flesh and bone.

Rhako had not wanted to leave Bela's side but there were enough to watch her that were at the very least not a threat. For now. He needed to recover from his own wounds. The coffin like vat where he would rest rose from the floor as he stepped into it, the viscous liquid within seeming to reach up to greet him, helping him to lie down into its writhing embrace. Once Rhako was enveloped the vat lowered back into the floor.

Along the distant wall four pairs of red eyes flared to life, ever watchful.

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