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Norran Chronicles: to Understand

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Locked away in his Fury's cargo hold he lifted the floor of his tuk'ata's cage. The beast pused playfully against its master.
Small for one of its kind Rhako's pet and the guardian of his stash was not lesser for its size, but specialized, created for a specific purpose. What that originally was was lost to history. Rhako found the beast injured by treasure hunters and recovered it. What it had once guarded long gone, the beast was great full for a new keeper.
In the compartment beneath the cage a carefully layou of inset shelves and several actual books. Parchment bound in leather. Carefully Rhako pulled one from its place. Then replaced the floor. For a moment he played with the tuk'Ata, then exited the cage. He rarely locked the door, it remained open allowing the beast to roam about the ship if it needed.
Back in his quarters at the small ornate desk there he placed the book down, removed an ornate ink pen and we'll from a drawer. With practiced and careful movements the book was opened the writing materials laid out. Then after a moment of meditation he began to put thought to page, in the ancient tongue of the Sith.
"It is an easy thing to say, I understand. But even as the word is said it is betrayed.
Understanding is a three edged sword, your side, their side, and the truth.
How can one truly understand when we can'talk often see past ourselves.
Bela comments on the sanity of our allies. They are a curious lot. Even the Sith or would be Sith among them are far from conventional. Yes some how they come to create this cohesive group, constantly reaching farther and higher than the last goal.
Even when they fall, the stand again strength renewed. Sometimes I wonder if Bela truly realizes the depth to which she herself inspires this, that in some ways they truly are her children as much as if she bore them in her womb.
She is their mother. Stern harsh but still a source of nurturing energy, letting them grow, become more.
My wondrous Bela, one who does not always understand herself as well as she does others.

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