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Notes from the First Full Company Meeting, Middas, 26th day of Sun's Height, 2E 585

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Notes from the First Full Company Meeting, Middas, 26th day of Sun's Height, 2E 585

((better late than never, eh?

Written in a flowing, but slightly Nordic handwriting, except for the signature, which is obviously in a rougher script))

Notes from the First Full Company Meeting
26th Day of Sun's Height
2E 585

  1. Expansion.  The Founder's Squad is hereafter split into Military and Support/Logistics Squad. The Military Squad is focused primarily on combative field operations.  Support/Logistics is for diplomats, scholars, craftsmen, scouts and other civilian occupations.  This is primarily an organizational tool: Military personnel are not prohibited from participating in Support/Logitics and vice versa.
  2. Promotion. Optio Nironar Endame has been promoted to the rank of Centurion and has been placed in command of the Military Squad.  He has been charged with recruiting existing Legionnaires into his Squad.  If you are of a more martial bent, please reach out to him for formal inclusion in the Squad.
  3. Prefect Position Open.  The position of Prefect is now open and Legionnaires interested in the position should reach out privately to Legate Aurelius or Tribune Aly'sande for consideration.  The Prefect will be in overall command of the Support/Logistics Squad.  Once the position is filled, the Support/Logistics Squad will open up for current Legionnaires.
  4. Recruits.  All new members of Invicta will be granted the rank of Recruit for at least two weeks.  During this time, they will be reviewed by Man-at-Arms Cladius Maximius and recommended for promotion into the Military or Support/Logitics Squad as a full Legionnaire.  All personnel recruited prior to this date are automatically Legionnaires and will not need to through the Recruit rank (one exception was Lady Justice Mercy and her team, who have since formally mustered in as Legionnaires).



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