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Character sheet: Si'lat Shaitann

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Character sheet: Si'lat Shaitann


Si'lat Shaitan   
Race: Khajiit    
Profession: Swordsman  
Age: 25   
Height: 6'0 
Weight: 210lbs

Birthplace: The Savannahs of Northern Elsweyr, near Rimmen

Eyes: Yellow-green  
Markings: Si'lat has a blend of Black, Grey and White fur which is tiger-striped. He sometimes wears earrrings.


Family: Rroo, a black senche-panther. Rroo is Si'lat's older brother who was born under the waxing Messer and waxing Secunda moons. The two brothers are rarely if ever separated.

Friends: Kasha, a great lioness-senche. Kasha is a life-long friend of Si'lat and Rroo, bearing Si'lat as his steed on hunts and into battle.


Associates: Mao-Mao the Prankster. Mao-Mao is a small Alfiq of unknown origin. It is a curious entity bristling with magical energy and a puckish mind; powers it uses to protect Si'lat, while at the same time causing great mischief in his life.


Background: Si'lat was born on the northern Savannahs of Elseweyr among the Shaitan Khajiit, a nomadic tribe of hunters and gatherers. He is the third son of Za'freet and Si'aska's second litter. Like all Shaitan, Si'lat learned to be a skilled hunter and warrior, and served his Pride-tribe dutifully as protector and provider.

Personality and Traits: Si'lat's world-view is pragmatic, though he generally keeps an open mind due to his natural curiosity. His beliefs are spiritual, but are not regimented or religious. He values and respects life, and makes friends quickly, but rarely gives second chances if his trust is betrayed. Si'lat is polite to a fault and gives compliments readily. He is proud and confident, but not overly-ambitious. He is generally positive and level-headed even in the most dangerous of situations.

The Knahaten Flu and The Great Calamities: Si'lat is first-hand witness to the terrible epidemic that swept Elseweyr known as the Knahaten Flu. Though the disease struck hardest among Elseweryr's southern urban centers, the scale and scope of the pox devastated Si'lat's people in the north--the Shaitan--in waves of disastrous calamities. The tremendous upheaval on the savannahs led Si'lat to flee Elseweyr, as many of the Shaitan did, joining a great exodus of Khajiit. Many neighboring countries barred the refugees, until Queen Ayrenn opened her borders to the Khajiit among the Dominion. Si'lat made his way to Auridon to escape the epidemic with only his brother Rroo and Kasha.

Clan Shar Matar: To be written...

Si'lat in the Daggerfall Covenant: To be written


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