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on How Being in Guilds Helped with My Job

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on How Being in Guilds Helped with My Job

I had a thought today, at work.
Y'see, when people at work run into various problems, they usually message the supervisors as a big group. Kinda like if people call out into guild chat that they need help. And I noticed today that sometimes, despite there being a very simple three-letter acronym we can use to indicate to the employee asking for help that we're busy (and thus to please hang tight for someone who isn't), a lot of us ... just don't use it that much.
It made me think of how frustrating it can be for people to feel like they're ignored, even though people saw them, they were just busy. And I remembered how folks here were always good about speaking up, even if they're tied up with other stuff.
I am never too busy to type three letters into a message window. I learned that from Trixie, and from y'all, and that thought made me happy today. :) I love you guys.

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