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My deal in ESO

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My deal in ESO

Alright, so here's the thing... I miss the hell out of you guys and want to play ESO with you, so I've set up a guild Daggerfall-side and will be inviting you in as I see you. I plan to start doing a little light RP in the guild next week.
My time, however, is still pretty limited. I'm still running a 40+ player LARP every other Saturday and it takes a ton of prep, so the week that the LARP is happening, my free time for MMOs is pretty slim. The week its _not_ happening, I should be on much more. This will likely last through November or so, then I'll have a break until March again (unless we decide to end it with Chronicle 2, which is very, very possible).
I just wanted y'all to know where I was at and why my time online might be limited a bit. Still looking forward to hanging with y'all and enjoying ESO!

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Elder Scrolls Online

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I'll keep my eyes open for

I'll keep my eyes open for updates here,
There will be drinks ready.

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