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For Trix

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... wait. Cadbury's chocolate

... wait. Cadbury's chocolate is now Irish? Turkish delight is now Irish? Sherbert dippers are now Irish? Black pudding is now Irish?
Has the person picked all these foods even been within a 1000 mile radius of Ireland?
That said, I lol'd.

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What's extra silly is that we

What's extra silly is that we totally HAVE a hard-candy-dip-it-in-sugar thing here. It's not sour, but it's the same basic principle, so it really can't shock anyone.
We also now have cheesy garlic bread potato chips, so our chip flavors are ... well. Still kinda sad, compared to across the pond, but getting better.
I don't think we have turkish delight over here. Cadbury's, sure, but even our Cadbury's chocolate isn't like yours.

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A bunch of american hipsters

A bunch of american hipsters don't like things from not-america. Duely noted.

Seriously, though, Taytos are off the chain, you people don't even know. Now I want TayTays... shit

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