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The Invicta Mercenary Company was established on the 2nd day of Second Seed as an independent Imperial company unaligned with any current faction.  Based out of the recently-claimed Fort Invicta in eastern Bangkorai, Invicta stands ready to provide military and logistic support to her clients, regardless of political affiliation.


It is the purpose of Ordo Invicta to provide dependable physical and tactical support to our clients and to one another. To that end, we will support one another in all endeavors and against all adversaries, both personal and professional.

Tenants (IC Directives)

  • All members must be free from the debt of slavery, either owed or due.

  • All members must maintain and protect the interests of the Invicta Mercenary Company and her employees.

  • All members must be willing to trust and submit to their superiors within Invicta.

  • All members must treat those of inferior rank or position with respect and remain worthy of their trust.

  • All members must provide aid to their fellows when it is within their power to do so.

  • No member shall provide aid to their fellows in a manner which would be to their own detriment, physically or financially.

  • No member shall make profit from their fellows within Invicta.

  • No member shall bring permanent injury against his fellow within Invicta.

  • No member shall be left behind should he fall nor ransom unpaid should he be captured.

  • No member shall accept the name or reputation of Invicta to be slandered by idle talk, action or inaction.

  • All soldiers of Invicta must be of the age of majority.

  • All soldiers of Invicta have the right to turn down a contract offered for any reason, even those accepted by their fellows.

  • All soldiers of Invicta must honor any contract with a client that does not violate any other Tenet.

Command Structure

Currently, the Invicta Mercenary Company is in its Foundation stage and, as such, it is commanded by the Legate Aurelius Maximius and all members currently report directly to the Legate.

Supernatural Beings

Beings of supernatural ancestry are welcome in Invicta, given that they can obey the Tenants of the Company and not cause panic or concern among potential clients.  Be aware that those infected with vampirism, lycanthropy or another mystical disease that alters their basic mortal form and psychology should keep these afflictions hidden from the general populace and actively work towards a cure for their malady.  Violation of a Tenant due to the psychological effects of one of these supernatural curses is not a defense.

Loot Policy


PvP Policy



Our Elder Scrolls Online division of Invicta is now actively recruiting, and accept all promising applicants. Contact @Noctifer or @Allypage in-game to set up an IC interview.

Elder Scrolls Online Group

If you are a member of Invicta in Elder Scrolls Online, make sure you remember to join the Elder Scrolls Online group.

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