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Star Wars: The Old Republic (Empire Faction)

Project Invicta was initially formed as a secret initiative under Imperial Intelligence to prepare for the renewal of hostilities against the Republic and subsequent final victory for the Empire. Originally organized by the Sith Doctor Ryz Andu, leadership was reassigned to Count Noctifer of House Varn of Serenno, whom oversaw a massive growth to the power and influence of the Project.

Due to a Republic backed uprising on his Homeworld of Serenno, Count Noctifer was recalled to quell the rebellion, and leadership has been appointed to Darth Belatrix, The White Lady, who has subsequently reorganized the Project, elevating a new command staff and re-organising and re-tasking the Project.

Now, with the war in full swing, Project Invicta acts as microcosm of the Empire. With a broad focus and long leash, Project Invicta takes pride in being prepared for anything while making themselves relevant in everything.
Research and Development:
Darth Belatrix personally heads up the R&D projects of Project Invicta. Everything from ancient Sith rituals to new scientific research, to exploration operations, Darth Belatrix takes advantage of PI’s massive funding to find new and “out of the box” solutions to the Empire’s war effort.

Military Division: Invicta Legion

The Imperial Military Division comprises the Empire's best and brightest citisen soldiers from the army, navy, intel, and diplomatic corps. The previous commander, Moff Whyman, was critically wounded in the Fleet's initial atmospheric invasion of Taris, leading command to be assigned to the next most experienced warrior in the Project. A Mandalorian of Chiss origin, Telessa Vorcha. Although a controversial appointment, a rapid succession of stunning victories sealed the General's command, and the legion's reputation.

Now under a rapid deployment mandate, the Invicta Legion (Unconquered Legion) stands ready to deploy, engage, and destroy their enemies, no matter where they hide.

Chiss Studies and Observations Group: SOG

Our glorious allies in the Chiss Ascendancy have intrusted Project Invicta with a contingent of the CDEF’s best and brightest, in the form of the Studies and Observations Group (SOG). This highly trained and highly disciplined group is comprised of scientists, operatives, and commandos straight from the Chiss Ascendancy. This highly rigid unit settles for nothing less than perfection, and has lived up to the professional reputation of our Chiss allies time and time again. They are commanded by Director Drikkah.

Mercenary Contingent "Heavy Assault Team":

Invicta’s army of mercenaries. Anyone from Mandalorians to pirates file into this division, which has earned a high reputation for accomplishing any mission, under any circumstances, with a combination of ruthless efficiency and unorthodox tactics. Most mercenary organisations have been looked down upon in the Empire, but these warriors operate under the protection of Darth Belatrix, and have gained a reputation of being among the finest combat units in the Empire. The Heavy Assault Team commanded by Alor Rahm Orade.

Sith Order of Invicta:
The Sith Order of Invicta is the home for our Sith Lords and Apprentices. A place where Sith discuss the meaning of The Force, the code of the Sith, and what it means to be a Sith. The Sith take part in all aspects of PI’s operations. While the command of various units lays in that of the officers, the Sith provide support roles to everything from ground assaults, to intelligence gathering, to scientific research. The Order of Invicta’s primary goal is to give Sith a new and better understanding of what it means to be Sith. Darth Belatrix commands the Sith Order personally.

Project Invicta has strict control over how many Darth’s exist within the order, to enact better control over their Sith population.


It is the purpose of the Project Invicta to provide information, technology, and research to the Empire and its associates in support for the resumption of hostilities against the hated hypocrisy of the Republic. Though we are often required to operate beyond the rules and regulations that restrict standard Imperial personnel, our primary loyalty is to the Empire and the White Lady, Darth Belatrix herself.

Tenets (IC directives)

1: Project Invicta’s existence is now public, but our operations are still classified. All members must keep classified information secret.
2: No member shall, through action or inaction, bring about the downfall of another member, without expressed permission from The White Lady herself.
3: All members must be free from the debt of slavery or servitude to anyone outside of Project Invicta.
4: All members must maintain and protect the interests of the Empire.
5: All members must be willing to submit to their superiors within the Project.
6: All members of rank must utilize the personnel assigned beneath them to their fullest and challenge them to rise above what they are.
7: All members must provide aid to their fellows within the Project when it is within their power to do so and it contributes to the power of the Empire or operational efficiency of the Project.
8: No member shall act against the sovereignty of the Emperor or his righteous subjects.
9: No member shall be left behind should he fall nor ransom unpaid should he be captured.
10: No member who is captured shall avoid punishment if he fails to secure his own rescue.

(OOC directives)
1: All members must be 18 years of age, or older
2: All characters placed within the guild, must be loyal to the Empire, or at least loyal to the guild. No republic spies or sympathisers. (Exceptions can be made, but this is a case by case basis, and must be discussed with Belatrix OOCly and planned out before being allowed.)
3: If a member is going to be gone from the game for more than 90 days, they need to make sure the other officer's know about it, in order to avoid being removed from the guild during an inactive roster clean up. Any member returning after 90 days, which has been removed from the guild, can contact any officer to be invited back in.
4: Rule of Responsibility is enforced. "IC actions have IC consequences". If you choose to have one of your characters create problems or disruptions, then you must be prepared to accept the backlash of those problems. Doing this isn't agienst the rules, or even frowned upon, but you can only control your character's action, not the reactions of other players' characters.
5: No Drama! If you and another player have a disagreement, keep it in private. Take arguments out of public chat channels and into group or tells. Patch things up, work it out. If that fails, talk to an officer, and we can try to mediate things from there. Don't let your situation spill over into everyone else's game, and ruin their session.

Command Structure

Project Invicta exists at the pleasure of their benefactor on the Dark Council, Darth Atrinark. The Supreme Commander is The White Lady, Darth Belatrix. Darth Vikt serves as Vice Commander and General Telessa serves as Chief Tactical Officer. Unit commanders are Keeper Jar’rogen of Wraith Squad, Alor Rahm Orade of the Heavy Assault Team, Director Drikkah commands the Chiss Studies and Observations Group, and Darth Belatrix commands the Sith Order.

Loot Policy

If an item is an upgrade for you, even if you're a level or two low for it, roll need. There's no need to ask, just click the button. The timer on loot roll doesn't leave much time for discussion.

If an item is not an upgrade, feel free to greed it.

Obviously, if you're a tank and a light armour drop comes up, you shouldn't be rolling need. Same if you wear light armour and heavy armour shows up. Use your head and be fair when you choose a button to click. Command is very firm about this guideline. If you need something that you cannot use, just because you want to auction it off, expect Command to come down on you hard for it.

Greed also includes upgrades for your ‘companion’ classes. We feel that the player behind the toons deserve a higher priority to loot before a computer generated NPC does; but because of this, we also ask all players to be mindful for when they roll greed on an item, for those you are grouped with may be greeding it for a companion upgrade, not just for a quick credit on the Auction House.

This loot policy applies whether you are traveling with guild members or not. Obviously, if your party leader or group leader indicates an alternate loot policy, you will follow those rules.

PvP Policy

Those who wish to participate in PvP are very much encouraged to do so! On a PvE server, whether someone is in a battle zone, or flagged for PvP, it is clearly consensual and that makes them fair game. Remember, however, that we do not attack without some "in character" reason for it. If you are in a battle zone, the story is that you're participating in a simulation and red is dead, of course. If you're out in the world and someone is flagged, consider whether your character would attack the person and if there's a potential story by doing so. Obviously, if you choose to move about flagged and are attacked yourself, don't hesitate to call in the Project for support!

RP Policy

Project Invicta follows the overall Invicta RP Standards. To be clear, we do not tell people how to RP and are respectful of the RP of others. If you don't care for a storyline or character, simply avoid RPing with that person. RP Elitism is not tolerated.


We are currently recruiting for Project Invicta. Contact a member of the Command staff in-game for an IC interview.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Group

If you are a member of Invicta in SW: TOR, make sure you remember to join the Project Invicta Group, which will make you a member of The Old Republic Group.

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