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Invicta Bike Rally

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Invicta Bike Rally is a weekly roleplaying event hosted by Invicta at Beauville's Tavern, New Flagstaff (4515005/5495501) Thursday nights at 9pm Eastern. All are invited to come and enjoy, though as this is run by a CHOTA-focused gang, obvious Enforcers might feel a bit unwelcome from time to time.

 "Come join us for good drinks, friendship, "Breakball" or other silly games, gambling, more drinks, dancing, trading, and to just take a break from the waste! Did we mention drinks?

Invicta Broadcast Website: http://www.livestream.com/invictabroadcast
INVICTA Bike Rally Page: http://forums.fallenearth.com/fallenearth/showthread.php?t=21180
Event Calender Link: http://forums.fallenearth.com/fallenearth/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=57&day=2010-3-4&c=1"

Please contact Reaper, Rose Kershaw or Henerkin for further information.


(Breakball is a game that IC is based around using pool cues and balls to do damage to other players/parts of Beauville's Tavern, invented and often best played by Chota's. OOCly it is an improvisational rp game; rather like a physical version of Mornington Crescent: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mornington_Crescent_%28game%29 . Sheer silly fun :) . )

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Fallen Earth


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And for those who are in S1 and would like to attend, try this as a way to reach the Rally each Thursday:



The CARGO CULT in conjunction with its allied clans is running a weekly Sector 1 event for players with lower level characters.

Weekly, we will be running a guided, fully supported ride to Sector 2's largest attended multi-clan event "The Invicta Bike Rally" at Beauville's Tavern, New Flagstaff.

If you have not chosen to join a clan or choose not to yet this ride is for you.

This is your chance to mix socially with other players and clans while enjoying a group ride up to experience Sector 2 fun while possibly finding a clan you may like at the rally.

The Sector 1 ride is open to all and will be leaving weekly from The Oilville Franklin Riders post on Thursdays at 8:30 PM EST (5:30 PM PST).

Riders on a tight timeline may join the ride at the following locations.

  • Pass Chris
  • Watch Tower
  • Spider Hill

This have gotten to be a weekly fixture due to the success of our first ride!
Several who participated have found clans that matched their needs and have joined.

Others who rode with us while not yet having joined with a clan have expressed that the ride was worth the saddle sores for the experience gained.

All are welcome to join in the journey to the party!

We ask of you who attend and that have nothing else than a horse to park it
in a garage
(there's a garage inside Oilville by the old ruined gas station).
As you arrive to the meeting spot, you will then receive either an ATV Key or
an Motorcycle Key. Some cans of gas are also included.

Best regards

Cargo Cult

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